My Video!


Click on this logo if you wish to go
directly to the Animoto site
and play with it!

Animoto is a web-based site that turns your photos into video in a short time. I had a lot of fun checking out this video.

Be sure to sign up for the educator membership at Animoto.com/education. This will allow you to make full length videos, not just the 30 seconds that the free membership allows. Your students will also be able to sign in under your class name, so that they also get the advantage of a full length video without having their own email account.

This is a very basic program with few options under each of the Four steps:
Pick Design.


Pick pictures

Pick Music- Click on the info button to see if you must purchase that particular song. Keep taking a peek. You will find several in each genre.

music_select.png 4.png

Making the Movie from your pictures allows you to add a title at this point. Then wait for Animoto to produce the video. They will give you the embed code so that you may put the video into your web page or wiki. You will also be given an opportunity to share it with your contact list or upload it to youtube.com.

The end product is very nice video with effects and transitions that will enable your students to construct, communicate or explain a concept in math or science or social studies.
I would recommend this software because there is a very short learning curve.
You do have to sign up

Turn your pictures into a short video.
There is a very short learning curve. I literally made a video in under 30 minutes

Customize and personalize your videos and recordings
Adds effects and transition automatically

Overall templates include major holidays.
Could use to make an electronic card.

Can use your own videos
Lets you add about 5 secs.

Embed code final video
So that you may put on your website or blog easily.

Share final video
Will export directly to Youtube


30 second final video
Can only use about 8 to 12 pictures

Can use your own video
Only down load about 5 secs. Just not worth going through and getting your usable 5 sec.

Cannot download final video
You have to send to Youtube and get it from there.

Four Impulses of LearningInquiry:This tool is more about constructing, communicating and expressing then inquiry that has happened previously in the classroom.
Construction: In Animoto you have the ability to change the order of the pictures so that you can tell your "story"
Communication:The final video is the means by which your students are going to be telling their story
Expression: This software has limited expression. You have few overall designs to choose from which is an advantage because you have to focus on exactly what pictures you wish to use to tell your "story" You have few fonts and no absolutely choice on effects and animation. But that is one of its strengths. It's not about the cool tech tools its about the content of the pictures.