Interview Webcast:
Special Thanks to Aviva Dunsiger for allowing me to interview her for this activity!
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Aviva's blog: http://avivadunsiger.blogspot.com/

Live Webcast:

Welcome to Wetoku!

It is one of the newest video conferencing tools with a fast and fabulous feature - embedding! You need a webcam and microphone, but with no software and just a few clicks on the web, you can create an embeddable video or even an interview.

Basic Steps!

1. Log in and click "Showtime!"
2. Give your show a fancy name
3. (For an interview) Copy the invite link and send to your interviewee
4. Push record and conduct the interview
5. Embed the code in your webpage when finished!



Record webcasts from your computer
No video camera needed

Embed live video feed
Have webpage set up ahead of time with embed code

Embed recorded video feed
Put in a blog or wiki

Dedicated channel to your specific video
Put a link to the video anywhere without hosting the video yourself

AutoShare to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
Not necessary to go through extra steps to share (YouTube is a premium feature that is not yet available)

Password-protected shows
Privacy for when you need it



Quality of Video
At this time, there is not a way to upgrade to the pay features. (6/30/2010) Eventually an upgraded account will allow you to increase video and audio quality.

Even a video that was private at the time of recording shows up on the main wetoku page for awhile. Deleting the video takes it off the main page.

Sound Feedback
As with other video conferencing software, the settings must be tested for optimum quality. Some other videos on the site had one person use headphones to eliminate feedback.

Four Impulses of Learning
Wetoku is build for communicating ideas, either individually or collaboratively. We seek socialization and this tool allows us to socialize and record that interaction for future analysis or enjoyment.

While Wetoku is more of a communicative tool, creative teachers will find ways to have students construct through play, movement, and other ways of consructing ideas together.

Have a question? Find an expert and wetoku with them! Access people in the know!

This cross between communication and construction is served by Wetoku by bringing a social piece to it. By interacting, and creating with others during the process, students can come up with their "something to tell."