ooVoo Who?
Do you ooVoo?

Since discovering Skype, people around the world have connected through the use of technology to share current news, explore ways to keep in contact with colleagues, friends, and loved ones, and collaborate on projects through instant communication.

ooVoo is a video conferencing tool that takes on some of the features of Skype, as well as offers additional features to connect with individuals not connected through the (free or pay as you go) online service.

How do you ooVoo?

  1. Download ooVoo for free here .
  2. Create your profile and find contacts through social networking sites, email, or Skype.
  3. Utilize the free option (2 way video chats for free), Utilize the pay per month option (video call with 3, 4, or 6 participants + share a desktop), or Utilize the pay per use option (video call with anyone whenever, add phone participants to video call or call phones directly).
  4. Play! Create a video message to send to email, post in blog or social network site, enter a video chat room, start text chat, or send files to colleagues and friends.


Video calling right from friends Web browser without downloading
Reach more people who may not want to invest time in learning ooVoo.
Customize and personalize your videos and recordings
Send out messages and information that you want personalized

Record your ooVoo Video chats to relive meetings or conversations
Review past ideas or notes made through video

Save your video chats as AVI, FLV or HTML embedded video.
Don't have to worry about knowing html codes or finding ways to convert video

Up to 1,000 total minutes of video storage and streaming on ooVoo servers - share your recorded video chats with anyone in the world
More time for sharing ideas!

There is a warning for users to disconnect if they do not want to be recorded if another individual decides to record the call.
Privacy issues are addressed!

Instead of typing an email, you can record a video of yourself in VIDEO MESSAGING
Be creative with emailing!

Video messaging friends not online
You can send a video message to an ooVoo friend whose schedule is different from yours and who can't be online at the same time you are

Icons, files, browsers and applications
Click easily on desktop sharing icon, All Microsoft Office Applications and web browsers are supported

Limited range of mobile phones and devices for usage
Skype works better on a wide range of mobile phones and devices such as PSP

Limited cool new free features
Extra cost for video conferencing recording, and desktop sharing

Limited paying options
In comparison, Skype allows you to pay as you go

Conference calls handle fewer people
Skype offers 24 in comparison

Limited range of social networks to import contacts
May not have the social networks listed, harder to find contacts, but there is always email!

People most familiar with Skype
May not be open-minded to using ooVoo

Similarities to Skype
Skype is adding new features to compete

Four Impulses of Learning
Video Conferencing

Video conferencing
Construct social networks
Text chat
Ask about current news or personal events
Video message within email or blogs
Phone call
Video message:personalize it!
Meet with ideas and questions
Construct ways to call upon those contacts
Video call
Personalize profile image

Record calls
Control over how, when and who you share files, videos, and ideas with

Desktop share